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Sara J. Roller is a local attorney who was born and raised in the community that she services. She attended Sacred Heart School as a child, and then went on to attend Woodmore High School, and the University of Toledo for both her Undergraduate and Law Degree. I am a dedicated professional who deals personally with all of my clients. When you call my office you will speak to me, and I will schedule all appointments with you and answer all of your questions. I am flexible in scheduling options, and willing to adjust my schedule to meet your needs. If you are only available in the evenings and/or on the weekends, I am willing to meet with you at those times. I try to be as accessible as possible with my clients, and am available by telephone at most times.

Licenses / Credentials:

• Licensed Attorney in the State of Ohio
• Juris Doctor from the University of Toledo 2006
• Bachelor of Arts Cum Laude from the University of Toledo 2003

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We Specialize In:

  • Representation in Divorce Proceedings
  • Representation in Child Custody Proceedings
  • Representation in Probate Court Matters
  • Representation in Domestic Relations Court
  • Representation in Juvenile Court

Finding the Best Toledo Family Law Attorney

At some point, most people will require the services of a legal professional. When it comes to legal issues, not many of us would want to act as our own lawyer but when we need to find a reliable Toledo Family Law Attorney it can be difficult to know what we really need or even where to begin.

People need the services of a dependable Toledo Family Law Attorney everyday for things from business contracts to drawing up wills and settling estates. It’s important that any time you seek out the services of any Toledo Family Law Attorney you choose someone that is trained, dedicated and prompt.

But if you do need a Toledo Family Law Attorney where do you begin looking? Today most Family Law Attorneys limit their practice to just one field. Some Family Law Attorneys concentrate on estate planning or divorce cases while others may only work in criminal law. So be aware that you’ll need to hire a Toledo Family Law Attorney that works within the field of law in which you require representation.

Where to Look for a Reliable Toledo Family Law Attorney

You should start by making a list of potentially qualified Family Law Attorneys. You can ask other people you know for recommendations but you should only consider the Toledo Family Law Attorney as a possible contact if they have dealt in similar cases. Also ask other professionals you know. Real estate agents, accountants and government officials deal with Family Law Attorneys on regular bases and they may be able to give you a good recommendation for your specific need.

Check out your local telephone directory and call your city or state's Bar Association. A Toledo Family Law Attorney referral service can be found by calling almost any Bar Association. They can provide you with a few names of qualified Family Law Attorneys whose area of expertise fits your needs. Understand that a recommendation by the Bar Association is not a guarantee of finding the right Toledo Family Law Attorney for your particular case. You should still do your own research to see if they’re someone you want to follow up with.

Check out the internet. There are a number of online resources to help you locate a qualified Toledo Family Law Attorney. There are also a number of legal directories that can assist you in finding good local Family Law Attorney to suit your needs. You can narrow your search by city and type of practice. The most convenient part of using the computer is that you get to do some research on local Toledo Family Law Attorneys to help you decide if you even want to call them.

You may qualify for legal aid or free legal services from a qualified Toledo Family Law Attorney if you are over 65 or meet specific income guidelines. Legal aid services offer consultations and legal services for free or at low cost. But you need to be aware that legal aid services usually specializes in dispute issues so if you need help with business contracts they might not be the best choice. They may still be a good source for some free advice and can probably give you the name of a qualified Toledo Family Law Attorney. Your local department of social services or office for the aging can help you determine if you qualify for assistance.

Setting up a Consultation with the Toledo Family Law Attorney

After you’ve put together a list of likely candidates, you’ll need to give each Toledo Family Law Attorney a call. If you’ve used an online directory or referral service you may have already made some initial contacts by email. These initial contacts can help you to feel more comfortable if you do decide to make an appointment to discuss your case in person.

You can usually get an initial consultation free of charge to go over your case with the Toledo Family Law Attorney. Think of this consultation as an interview and a time to get a feel for each Toledo Family Law Attorney you talk with. If an Family Law Attorney is going to represent you, you need to feel comfortable and trust this person. The consultation is also an ideal time to learn about an Family Law Attorney’s experience and successes with cases similar to yours.

Make certain you request information about the cost and if there are payment terms available. A number of problems are created when a Toledo Family Law Attorney and client fail to discuss fees up front. Getting the Toledo Family Law Attorney fees in writing can help you can maintain a good relationship. It can save you a lot of problems later if you ask for everything in writing before you agree to anything.

Choosing a Toledo Family Law Attorney You can Trust

Make certain you get references from any potential Toledo Family Law Attorney. It may seem a bit audacious to suggest to an Family Law Attorney that you aren’t willing to accept just his word as to his qualifications but a qualified Toledo Family Law Attorney with an upstanding reputation will understand your reasoning and will If any Toledo Family Law Attorney seems annoyed or attempts to put you off when you ask for references, it might be best to cross him off your list.

Finding a Toledo Family Law Attorney is not difficult. Locating a good Toledo Family Law Attorney may take a little time and effort. Finding a qualified Toledo Family Law Attorney that understands your case and is dedicated to helping you achieve a positive outcome may not be that simple. There are times when people must trust their very lives to an Family Law Attorney. While your situation may never be as dire, if you find yourself in need of a Toledo Family Law Attorney your selection should be based on someone you believe to be dedicated and trustworthy.

Regarding your personal situation, you should consult an attorney for advice. This site is not, nor is it intended to be, legal advice nor is the information you obtain here. Please feel free to get in touch with us and we will gladly welcome your emails, letters and calls. Getting in touch with us does not create an attorney-client relationship. Please do not send any confidential information to us until an attorney-client relationship has been established.

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